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I'm in Barbados and only use my phone to take pictures.FLOW is on my phone as the roaming. Does that mean I'm being charged?

Hello, I'm in Barbados and I don't use my phone, only to take pictures. It shows that FLOW is on my phone as the roaming. I did not get a plan and don't use data except the free WIFI from hotel. I hope I am not getting any charges from FLOW. Can you tell me? Thanks, Michele

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If you don't use your phone as a phone (talk& text), you can take your sim card out from your phone.
Or turning on airplane mode and turn WIFI back on
Then it doesn't use mobile network so you won't get charge for roaming.

You can still take picture and access to WIFI if it available.
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You will most likely have some roaming charges until you do Mayumi's suggestion.