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I know that you have to get a credit check when bringing an unlocked phone, but why is this?

Doesn't make much sense to me to require a credit check when bringing my own phone to take part in one of the better plans. The hardware, being the most expensive liability, is being supplied by me. My credit is not the best, but it is not the worst either. It's just confusing as to why you would need that information when in the past, as long as you brought your own phone, you could get the normal plans without having your credit dinged for no CLEAR reason.

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The reason is the way you are billed. Koodo and every other carrier, bills you for your next months service in advance and your previous months overages after you incur them. So in a way they are extending you credit and taking a risk that you'll pay it back. In prepaid, there are no overages because Everything that could possibly happen must be paid for in advance or it wont function Because Koodo is extending you a service which has the potential to rack up significant charges beyond your plan, they check your credit. Hope that shines a light somehow.
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Regardless what plan you pick or if you bring your own phone, if you go on a monthly plan koodo and everyone else ran a credit check.
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And to take what chat said one step further. Koodo wants to make sure that they sign up people who will pay their bill. Even if your bringing your own phone, you can still rack up nasty cell phone bills and not pay. And that's the way its always been as far as I can remember. The only option that doesn't require a credit check is prepaid.