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i just want to speak to someone from Canada in account management

  • 1 September 2020
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someone named David from account management called me back, last winter and last month. both times he left a phone number that when i called back a french lady answered that obviously wasn’t a koodoo employee.

i have contacted koodoo mobile customer service twice since david last called me. south america koodoo mobile customer service reps will not put in a request to have an account management call me back. they said they would but then it was just a supervisor from that call centre calling me back pretending that he was canadian.

i have all these phone calls recorded. including the phone call where i was called a liar about data charges the agent said were valid. after 2 hours on the phone i proved to him that the charges were not valid to which he agreed.

i have been called a liar. i have been lied to.

no one should have to deal with these customer service reps.

my near perfect credit score has been ruined because of koodoo mobile.

over the 6 or 7 years that i was a koodoo customer i paid thousands of dollars, in data charges which i still do not understand. because since i’ve been with a new provider i do not have these charges and i use my phone the same way. but that’s not even what i want to speak to someone about.

i just want to speak to someone who can speak english, a canadian who is not programmed like a robot to give generic replies and who can actually understand where i am saying.

i will continue to call koodoo until i speak with someone from canada. 

i just spent 30 minutes with a koodoo supervisor (i recorded the convo). who just kept going in circles and not even making sense. i would have more luck speaking to a robot.


i honestly feel like i’ve been abused by koodoo mobile. i have never been abused by a human that i can remember, but this really does feel like abuse.

2 replies

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A lot of talk about how badly you were treated, yet you just insulted a “volunteer” on another thread, who was trying to help you. Apparently it doesn't count when you do it to someone else.

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Have you ever considered going directly to a Koodo store to address your issues? If you are currently located in Canada, you can visit your local store and speak with a rep to see what is wrong with your account. https://www.koodomobile.com/find-nearest-store

Another way of contacting customer service is through Facebook Messenger or Twitter, where you may have better luck finding someone who could help you out.