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I just receieved a message from koodo

I just recieved a message from koodo that said "Don't miss this great deal! Get the Galaxy SIII for $0 on Tab S, just pay off your tab balance of 28. Reply unsubscribe to opt out or (web address here)" Does this mean the Galaxy SIII is completely free? Or will my tab go to -150 and i'll have to work up to 0 again?

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Yeah, you'll have to pay off your current tab and take another tab. So you'll have $150 on the tab and have to pay it off again!
Hmm.. yeah i thought thats what that 'tab s' part meant. Can you explain the 'great deal!' part?
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Yeah that's easy, the Samsung SIII just recently dropped down to $0 on a Tab Small. It used to be 0$ on a Tab Medium.
Thanks Justin, you've been helpful and informative. I think i'll pass on the deal though.
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Glad I could help! No need to worry, I think the SIII will be $0 on a Tab S indefinitely thanks to the S4. Hey, by the time you're ready you might be able to get a nice deal on the S4 on a Tab M!

If you have any more questions we're always here to help!