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I have no data after I was switched over to the 10gb $60 plan and I cannot get in touch with anyone at koodo to fix the problem

On Monday I called koodo to take advantage of the 10gb $60 plan. On Friday I got a callback and had two cellphones switched over to this plan. On Saturday I noticed that for both cellphones I have no data. koodo has really long wait times on the phone, and I haven't been able to get in touch with anyone at koodo to fix this. Has anyone else had this happen? Is anyone from koodo reading this that can fix this problem for me?

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hi Fred,
What phone were you using? Was there any data block on previous plan? have you checked if your phones allow mobile data? What did it say in your selfserve?
I managed to get through to koodo, and I was told that when a plan is changed that you should reboot your device. I shut down and restarted my cell phone and my wife's cell phone and the data connection was working again for both of us. So if anyone else has switched to the 10gb $60 plan and has no data the day after the switch, try rebooting your device.