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I have my own phone and number already so do not need new one

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Okay, are you already a koodo customer or are you looking to port your number over to Koodo?
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Alright, then don't change them. 😃 I'm assuming you're talking about activating service with Koodo with your own phone from another provider and you want to keep the #? First, make sure your phone is unlocked and the frequencies are compatible. If you tell us your phone make and model we can help you. A store can also probably test a SIM in store before you activate to make sure it works. Find a Koodo shop or authorized retailer (Cellular Point, Best Buy, Mobile Shop, Wow) in your area. Go there with 2 pieces of ID (one photo, one for credit check like credit card or SIN) if you want postpaid - prepaid doesn't require ID or credit check. The rep can show you the plans and make a recommendation for the best one or you can see them on the website beforehand. Bring your account # from your current provider and the rep can transfer it over for you during activation. You'll only have to pay for the SIM card in store. There are no activation fees and no cancellation fees since you'll be on MTM service. You can use the Tab in the future to finance a phone, should you want to upgrade. Now if that's not what you needed help with... Let us know what your question is.
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Also make sure that your account with the other provider is active - we can not move over a number from one carrier to koodo if the account is suspended or cancelled.