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I have multiple phones on my account, how do I cancel one of my phones?

I have three separate phone lines on my account, I still owe some on the TAB for each of them, what I want to do is pay off the TAB for one of the phone lines and cancel this phone. I also want to know if I can upgrade one of the phones even though the TAB is not fully paid off, as the phone I have will no longer hold its charge.

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As to cancelling your line, please keep in mind that it may require us to transfer you to a different department, as not all of us have the same sort of access on an account....but whoever you get will be able to get you to the correct department. Also, although the tab needs to be paid off before allowing you to use the tab again, we do give you options - you can pay for it immediately through a koodo kiosk, or you can have the remaining amount for that line added to your next bill....most people that I have talked to prefer this option because it allows them time to pay it off instead of all at once 🙂