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I have a TD-SCDMA 1900/2100 MHz phone. Can I use my koodo SIM in it?

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Since TD-SCDMA is a 3G standard chosen by China as an attempt to escape dependency on the already implemented Western spread spectrum technology, I rather doubt it, but it's hard to know for sure without the model of the phone. You can also enter your IMEI number here: http://koodomobile.com/en/on/switch2koodo-step-1-c.shtml and it should tell you if your phone is compatible.
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I'm assuming the device takes a SIM card. Honestly I'm not sure because I'm unfamiliar with that network technology but after a quick Google I would say it could be yes or no. If it's unlocked then your Koodo SIM card would be accepted but even if the frequencies line up it won't necessarily be compatible with the network since it's from China and it might have a region lock on it. I would test it out to make sure. There was a lady here from the UK and her originally car phone warehouse unlocked 9320 (which Koodo also sells) still didn't work with Telus/Koodo...
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If your phone supports antenna flashing, flash it with the right firmware to make it work. If not sure, you can go to a repair shop and consult with them.