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I have 74 minutes left to make calls in Canada but I am not able why?

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I don't know, Monika. We need more information for sure, do you have service on your phone? What phone is it? What plan are you on? What errors are you getting?
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Its most likely that your base plan has expired. If you dial *611 it will let you know right away if its expired. Try pulling out the battery if your base plan is active. if that doesn't work call customer service *611 and explain to them what's going on and they will help you out 🙂
I bought last month prepay koodo for 15 dollars and I should have free messages, two weeks ago I top up for 10 dollars and 2 days ago I top up for 20 dollars when I check my booster they say that I have 74 minutes left when I try ring it tell me I need contact with 611 but when I choose option 6 automatically put me down
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it seems like the base plan did not activate. Try calling customer service. *611 keep hitting 0 til you get to a rep 😃
Thank you you help me I am very appreciate 🙂
They said that I need top up for 15 dollars my basis plan expire today I am not sure about free text messages can I still send?
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if the base plan is expired no. whats your current balance when you call *611?
it is 0 dollars I need top up my mistake I thought if I will buy 20 dollars and buy booster this will extend my plan. If the base plan expired this means that no one can't send to me message as well?
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exactly Monica! once you get the $15 top up voucher you will be able to start sending and receiving messages and phone calls 🙂