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I dropped my phone and broke the glass face. I am on the monthly payment plan. Do I have to pay to have my phone replaced?

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You will either have to pay to have the glass replaced or buy a new device.
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The issue with getting it fixed is that if the phone was damaged beforehand and you end up with hardware problems down the road your phone will not have a warranty as it can be deemed to have had physical damage. Manufacturers do not cover physical damage as part of their warranty.
Call koodo *611 and check your TAB balance, sometimes it's less expensive to pay off the TAB and then get the disccount on your next cellphone, and just pay the difference, Koodo warranty does not cover physical or water damage. Hope that works. 🙂
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Is your another phone from Koodo? If so, take a sim card from current/broken phone and put it into a new phone. If it use different size sim card you will need to get proper size one. What phone is it?