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I can't see pictures sent from my phone to my email address (hotmail) .

The email said to download the new Quicktime, but that didn't change anything, despite restarting my computer and everything.

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Hey Kelsey, Is it a video? Quicktime is usually just in video format.
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Did you download the file from your email to your computer for viewing? Once downloaded, you should be able to open the picture file with a picture viewer. If it is an iphone video then you will need quicktime or a cross platform media player like VLC media player
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Oh! I get it. The format of the pictures might have been change. Download the pictures to any folder on your computer. Then change its name. Example: Kelsey.mbp (to Kelsey.jpg). Just check whats the format. Perhaps your computer isn't configured for that format. And sorry to say that the phone isn't the issue.