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I am getting emergency call only ,constantly

  • 11 November 2015
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I am getting emergency call only ,constantly on my both my lg phone model gb255g.Turn off nd then turn back on ,they both will go to emergency call only within an hour.

5 replies

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Try this. Navigate to settings... Wireless and networks... Mobile network... Network selection Change the selection to manual The device will scan and then present you a list of available networks Choose telus or Koodo Note : Doing this disables international roaming so if you ever decide to travel outside of Canada with your phone you'll need to change this setting back to automatic.
Thank you!

Sorry, but it is still doing it even after doing that!
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Download Phone Signal Lite from Play Store. It's a big meter which will display your signal strength much more accurately than the bars in the notification area. If your signal strength is in the orange or green zone, then you should be able to have proper service at your current location.

I live in a marginal signal area and was able to find a few spots in the house where reception is reliable and avoid others where the service will drift in and out.
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Check to see that the SIM card in your phone is correctly seated. Power off the phone, remove the back cover and battery and locate the SIM tray. Carefully remove the SIM card from its tray and inspect it for any damage, (cracks, deep scratches on the brass coloured contacts). If all looks good, carefully re-insert the SIM card making sure it is properly seated, install the battery and power on your phone. If the problem persists, you may need a new SIM card.