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I <3 Koodo!!!

I absolutely love the fact that Koodo is month to month. I feel as though I am not tied down with a yearly contact and if I decide to go somewhere else they won't charge me $300 for leaving! But with the service I have been getting I wouldn't WANT to leave! And I thought my LAST phone company was amazing!! :P I also love the fact that I don't get over charged almost ever! And the unlimited plan is truely unlimited, I've been paying the exact same amount since I got the plan!! Its absolutely amazing! And I always get my many questions answered and never seem to have to wait long for my phone call to be answered when I call the 1-800 #, they always make sure all my questions are answered before I hang up, always a pleasure!!! Its just 'good old fashioned service'!

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Hi Heather, thank you for this great feedback and the kind words 🙂 If you have questions and you don't have time to call, you can also send us an email via this link: http://koo.do/YqucV0. We are pleased to count you in the Koodo family!
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