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HTC One V - broken

My son has the HTC one v, Koodo, and the screen is cracked, and the speaker no longer works, he can't talk on it, only text. So, it's gonna be over $200 to get it fixed. I saw the same phone, Koodo is the carrier on kijiji, for $130, went to buy it and took my son's sim card, but it wouldn't work. Anyone have experience with this kind of thing, the sim card should've worked, they are both Koodo, right?

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The handset itself may be flagged as lost or stolen, or flagged for fraudulent use. Enter the imei number here: http://koodomobile.com/en/on/switch2koodo-step-1-c.shtml and it should tell you.
Ok, thank you. The one I wanted to buy or my son's?
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It would need to be the number of the one that wouldn't work.
Hi Kristine, Timo is correct that could be one problem with the phone. I have however noticed issues with these phones not recognizing their sim straight out of the box. to fix this I generally had to do a factory data reset on the phone and put the SIM card into the phone before I booted it up for the first time. I wouldn't recommend buying the HTC on Kijiji as it is, currently Koodo has offered some amazing new plans and TAB options that will help you get a new phone for cheaper then $130.00 I hope this helps you and let me know if you have any other questions. Cheers Dave Vine
Hi Dave, the thing is, he just got the phone in November from Koodo on a plan, and I don't think he's due for an upgrade until November, so really, I don't think he has much choice but to buy one from kijiji second hand? Not sure what the options would be with Koodo giving him something else? We will check into it tomorrow. Thanks!
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You can upgrade your phone any time! We're not dealing with old Bell contracts here. Did the rep in store explain to you how the Tab system works? Each month, a portion of your bill is contributed towards the "Tab", an ongoing subsidy given on devices. This was originally up to a max of $150 with a 10% contribution. So, depending on what your Tab balance is, you can add to it by paying the difference between that and the price of the new device and off you go! The Tab has since expanded to allow bigger subsidies: Tab Small ($150, classic), Tab Medium ($300 + $5 Tab charge on bill to pay it down faster) and a Tab Large ($500 + $10 Tab charge on bill, Tab Large has specific plans). The difference is Koodo's contribution towards the Tab is now 15% instead of 10, which is nice, but the plans have changed a lot... Go to your nearest Koodo shop or supporting retailer (The Mobile Shop, Best Buy/Future Shop, Walmart, etc) and they'll help you out.