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how to reset voicemail from mailbox

  • 18 August 2020
  • 2 replies

I have been using voicemail, by 1 and then 1 to read the mail, but suddenly about a month ago, when i call in voice mail, it asks for language, and then asks for mailbox number. 

I cannot find anywhere what did this and how to get by. Btw i never setup the box, i took the defaults when i got the package, and it was ok.

i have no idea what the mailbox is, and i cannot find any reference in koodo doc.

2 replies

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Are you talking about visual voicemail or just regular?

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Typically it means your phone is dialing in to the wrong voicemail number. Any chance you changed your phone number about the time this started happening? You likely got switched to a different server and the phone never updated. In any case, you'll need to check with koodo directly to get the correct voicemail number. Unless it's absolutely urgent for you to get to your VM ASAP, Facebook Messenger or Twitter DM are likely the most convenient ways to do so. (Note that it's not a live chat so a response might take a few hours).