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how to reject call from a whole country

Hi there, i wanted to know if it was possible to reject all calls outside of Canada... I get spam calls from random states in usa and it really anoys me...

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I know Koodo cannot provide such a service. There might be an app you can download, depending on your phone, to help. What you could also do is answer the call, wait for the message and there should be options to remove your number from thier calling list. I used to get that cruise ship call which annoyed me to no end but I answered and waited. I heard an option to remove my number from the list. It's been 3 months now and no calls.
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We all get those calls. I stopped taking any calls from 212 area code. There are app you can download to block a number.
Thanks for the app option, I didn't think of that... the problem was that it's always those cruise things but never from the same number, yet always from the us.... I'm in Canada and don't answer those call in the first place but to being able to stop receiving them was really frustrating... anyway, thank you both
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Hi Petite Since you didn't specify your phone model here are some hints on call blocking, it works for Canada, I'm not sure if it'll do for overseas numbers, try it, you have nothing to loose BB Z10 : Tap Phone/Tap Settings (bottom)/Tap Call Blocking/Slide toggle to ON beside option you choose BB 9790: Tap Phone/Tap BB button/Tap OPTIONS and you can ban numbers you do'nt want to receive calls from Other BB phones: Install apps (call blocker) Androids (SIII/SII): The Samsung Galaxy has no option to block calls, (install call blocker from google play) or use New galaxys have a "Caller Blacklist" that is totally set-up and operated by the user, Tap Phone/Tap menu left button/Tap Call settings/Tap Call rejection/Tap Auto reject mode/Tap Auto reject list IPHONE 4/5: Do it Yourself Block Call List on iPhone. The ability to block incoming calls or on the iPhone is missing on the OS ) TAP SETTINGS/TAP DO NOT DISTURB
If you have an android device, download a app called mr. Number... Helps with blocking calls and texts from people and countries
I tried the application in question (Mr Number) and i could not figure out how to block an area code or a country even if it is clearly mentioned in the app presentation. I would say that all the block application can block calls and SMS from / to a list of numbers or contacts but not more than that .