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How to make koodo better company

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Client of almost 5 years. Instead of getting better you guys dont really stand out nomore. Yes customer service is excellent, coverage is good but, 1) since then you scrapped Free Incoming Calls. Europe has it, are we behind them 2) refer a friend get $25 or $50 How about free calls between friends Forever (lets stay away from Favourite-5) old dinousar. Did you hear easy to lose client but harder to get him back? 3) Plans are not getting cheaper Lets work on long lasting benefits for Koodo and Me (customer) alike Still I like you team Koodo and plan to ride a wave with you guys unless something wrong goes down 🙂 cheers

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Counting incoming calls as airtime in 2017 is ridiculous, I agree with you. I also like Koodo because of their customer service and coverage (I was in Niagara falls last year and I didn't have a single issue with coverage during my trip).
Here is what Koodo needs to do in my opinion to get more customers:
1. Unlimited calls on all plans
2. Better plans (look at public mobile or zoomer promos, my guess is Koodo lost a lot of customers during that)
3. Ability to purchase data add-ons separately that don't expire.

Coverage is great, so are the deals on phones. Hope they listen. 
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I wouldnt necessarilly call publics plans better. They have an extremely nice way of going about it. You get cheaper plans if you buy 90 days at a time. I do agree a liile more data would be a bonus in some of the cheaper plans but i understand why it is the way it is. I do heavily agree with you about the data add ons though!
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Everyone, please tell 1) what you love about koodo? 2) what did you used to love about koodo? 3) what bugs you about koodo?
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chris wrote:

Everyone, please tell 1) what you love about koodo? 2) what did you used to love about koodo? ...

1. QC plans.
2. I used to love the fact that I could put my line on a seasonal hold only 30 days into an agreement rather than 90 days, and also that there used to be no plan requirements for a tab medium.
3. The fact that I can't overpay my Koodo bill by more than 20% by credit card over the phone.
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I liked when they offered, 10% discount on plans when you brought your own phone
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Hey, i just came across on another thread: Why we in ontario pay more for plans then quebec? Same plan there $35 here $55

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Three provinces in Canada get cheaper plans due to local competitors. Manitoba (MTS), Saskatchewan (SaskTel), Quebec (Videotron). These local competitors have low prices causing the other companies to all drop their prices to stay competitive.