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how to hookup samsung evergreen to suv...?plz help

I have Samsung evergreen and I have a 2009 ford escape there is a phone button on my dash if I press it it says no phone, went into Bluetooth on my phone and searched for new device but it wasn't picking up anything,can someone please help me want to hook it up to the car, I do a lot of travelling for work and need the phone for work don't wanna be distracted while holding phone and whatever driving and I hate headphones,/ear pieces

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Try pressing the arrow buttons until you see an option that says add bluetooth device. http://driver-safety.wonderhowto.com/how-to/pair-your-bluetooth-phone-ford-sync-297031/
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I did a little reading and although the phone button is there, Ford's SYNC feature might have been an optional feature for your 09 Escape. To confirm this, the SYNC control buttons (Talk (Media) and OK buttons) are found on the right of the centre of the steering wheel. If the SYNC controls aren't there, then the vehicle doesn't have the ability to connect via Bluetooth. You will see the controls I'm talking about in the video below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UgsJGwy1bBI If the SYNC option is available, you will have to place your Evergreen in discoverable mode so that the vehicles' Bluetooth will be able to detect your device.
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rikkster wrote:

I did a little reading and although the phone button is there, Ford's SYNC feature might have bee...

I'm wondering if that Evergreen phone is compatible with your car bluetooth SYNC Feature, it'll be good if you ask your car dealer about that!
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You also have to put the car in pairing mode (it's not in there permanently) somewhere in the settings/media settings there is an option to add a bluetooth device, and it should walk you through the steps when you go there. If it's not working the dealership will help you out, it's a fairly quick process as well (5 mins max).