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How to download voicemails in 2020

  • 13 August 2020
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Hi! Does anyone know how to download voicemail messages now? The year is 2020,and all threads in this topic on the forum are from about 4 years ago when there was a download link - which is now defunct.


Would love any suggestions to save voicemails. Those of you who have lost a loved one will understand how important this is. Thanks for any tips! 

3 replies

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You can download and save your voicemails with visual voicemail




Thanks for this!


Follow up question: to do this, a “plain vanilla” customer like me would have to:

  1. Sign up / pay for visual voicemail ($5/mo)
  2. Download a new app - note it only works on a very small handful of phones: Huawei: Nexus 6P    LG: G Series (G7 and newer), K Series (K9 and newer), Q Series (Q60 and newer), Q Stylo+, X Power 3, Nexus 5X    Google: Pixel series    Essential: PH-1

Since I use a OnePlus phone, I shouldn’t bother paying, right?  Seems like Koodo (well, all of Canada’s providers) are trapped in 2009…

Thanks for any additional guidance how I can get this without buying a new phone. 

(Can I forward you the voicemail, you download it, and email me?  I’ll e-transfer you $5.)

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Another option would be to download a call recording app and record your voicemail with that