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How to change name display on outbound call?

Just bought a new phone and plan through koodo, and one of the questions the lady asked me was what I would like my name to display as when I called out, so I know we can specify how our name shows. Just wondering if anyone knows how I can make changes to that? TIA.

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Not sure why she asked this, koodo has never offered name display, only number display. The only way your name will show up is if the person you are calling has your number programmed into their contacts.
The option was offed to me at the time of sign-up. And my name does show up the way it was entered at the time of sign-up. It showed up on a phone that did not have my name/number programmed into the contacts, since it is a new phone and number.
Can anyone help with original question?
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S&A R wrote:

Can anyone help with original question?

Timo answer is correct S&A R, Koodo Network does not offer Name display when you send your outbound call, it'l only show your number on their CD, However like Timo explained it, if the other person wants your name to be displayed, he has to enter your name + number on his contacts,
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Did you sign up at an actual Koodo kiosk? Because to the best of my knowledge, Rogers/Fido is the only company in Canada currently offering outgoing name display.
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Having activated many Koodo phones, the only call display option I remember ever being there is to block your number from showing up on other peoples phones. It would then show up as private only without showing a name or number.
Tellus offers outbound call display
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Not sure why the lady asked this. Only Rogers/Fido customers would be allowed to see your name (and it's the name of the account holder or subscriber of that phone 😵 displayed if they did not have your # in their contacts. If anyone else didn't have your # in their contacts and has call display, it would still only show your phone #.
Jonathan I wrote:

Not sure why the lady asked this. Only Rogers/Fido customers would be allowed to see your name (a...

I have my other phone with them. When I call myself from my Koodo phone, I see only my number and no name. Although I have the service on my other phone and usually see proples' name when they call me (even if I don't have them in my phone book and they're calling for the first time)