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How to cancel my phone?

So, I’ve been trying to cancel my phone, over the phone, but after repeated attempts, I can’t get to the prompt that would allow me to do so. I have recently bought another phone through Koodo, so I no longer have use for this one. Can I get the information, or even step-by-step instructions, on how to go about cancelling my phone?

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You have you talk to Customer Care to request cancellation and they will transfer you over to the cancellation department.
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What do you mean by cancelling your phone? Do you mean you bought a new phone from Koodo & you've swapped SIMs from the old to the new one? If that's the case the phone doesn't get "cancelled". If you mean you still have Tab owing from the previous phone that also doesn't get "cancelled", it continues onto your new phone.
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John above has all the answers for you.