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How to cancel an online order

I ordered a phone two days ago but I now want to go to the Keisha to pick one up. I sent an email to cancel it yesterday but have not heard back. My CC has been charged as well. Help.

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You will have to wait to hear from the Koodo webstore. If it's already been processed and sent out by the time u reach them, you will have to return it once you get it.

You can contact the Webstore for more info.
Webstore: koodo.webstore@koodomobile.com or 1-844 566-3697
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This might help you once the phone has arrived

Here's the policy for phones bought online : 

• Money back guarantee (MBG) is 15 days from date shipped (15 calendar days, not business days)
• If the customer wants to return the phone, they must request a return mailer before the end of the 15th day
• Phones cannot be returned to a store (not even a Koodo Shop)