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how to add a second name to an account

How can I add a second name to my existing account? I purchased this phone for my spouse which wasn't with me at the time of purchase and the phone had to be put in my name for the purchase. I would like to had her name to the account. Also, how can I rename the iphone to her name instead of mine when I plug into itunes. It's confusing because now we have 2 phones and they both carry my name.

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For the account names you'll need to do it through Koodo & not on Self Serve, I believe. For the name on iTunes, when plugged in, click the name within iTunes & you can type in a new one in the text-entry field.
Having her name on the account does not make her responsible for the account. If it comes to canceling the account /canceling a line/going to a Koodo Shop to upgrade the phone, you must be present(or call in if it's canceling/suspending the line) in order for anything to be done. As long as she has the pin for the account, she can access just about anything to the account, her name does not need to be on there, as it doesn't really do anything extra.
Thank you! I appreciate the quick help