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How strong is 4G HSPA coverage?

How good is 4G HSPA coverage? I am travelling to Trois-Pistoles, Quebec later this month (Koodo provides 4G HSPA coverage there) and would like to know if I will be able to still text and call my friends and family in Ontario.

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Coverage in this area is not the strongest, but appears to be reasonable. There should be no problems texting but it may be a bit weak for good voice service over much of this area.
Thanks! But you think I may still be able to make some phone calls? I know you said the voice service won't be good, but do you think it would still be possible to make a few calls in some places? I am thinking of upgrading my plan if that is the case.
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In that area you'll likely see 1-2 bars of signal most places. It'll work for calling, but quality will probably be pretty iffy.