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how much does a samsung galaxy s4 mini cost?

i been wanting to upgrade for a while now, and i want a samsung galaxy and the s4 seems to be my best option. but small hands require me to use smaller phone. so the mini. i dont care if i get new or used. but i have no idea how much a new one would cost.

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You will have to buy a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini outright and then bring it to Koodo. You would also have to unlock the device, where you can do that via sites like cellunlocker.net. After that, you can sign up for a 10% BYOD discount on your plan but your tab must be positive or 0.
Why does Koodo not stock the S4 Mini as one of their available phones???
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Hi Kim, The S4 Mini would be $400 if bought outright, $250 on Tab S, $100 on Tab M (+$5/month on a $29/$30+ plan), or $0 on Tab L (but you must change plan to a Tab L plan, and it will be +$10/month). If you were looking to be using it for Koodo Prepaid, or with a different carrier, it would be $450. Why it's no longer in Koodo's lineup is anyone's guess, but there are bound to be Koodo stores that still have some in stock. So give a few stores in your area a call and see what they have left!