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how long should i wait before my contract with bell is up and switch to koodo ??? contract ends 1st week of November

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changing cell phone providers

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Hey there Allan! That is all up to you? do you want pay for 2 services til November or just one? I would suggest signing up with KOODO 1-2 days before your contract ends with bell that way, if you want to take the number you had with BELL to KOODO it will give you some playing room for the transfer to complete without ending the contract too early. If you don't want to keep the same number from bell then close the account the day the contract ends and head down a KOODO retailer or KIOSK and they will set you up 😃
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Hi there... Honestly, it really depends on the cancellation fee with BELL, if it is not that high and by switching now you will start saving money, why would you wait more? You can switch at any time, if you want to keep you cell number, you can do it by doing the port request to Koodo...
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If you want to avoid early cancellation fees, then wait until the contract ends and don't get a new phone through them. My philosophy though is, "render unto Caesar what is Caesar's." If you want to leave then a cancellation fee shouldn't deter you, it couldn't be much now anyway.
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