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How is koodo allowed to charge $35 dollars to unlock a phone if Bill C-343 says you can't?

  • 25 June 2014
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Koodo says that it costs $35 to unlock a phone. I bought my phone outright from Koodo from the beginning - I did not use a tab. Now I want to unlock my phone. Canadian Bill C-343 point 5 says "...if the consumer pays the total cost of the telephone handset before taking possession of it, the provider must, on the request of the consumer at any time after the purchase, remove free of charge any network lock that has been applied to the telephone." (full bill here http://www.parl.gc.ca/HousePublications/Publication.aspx?Language=E&Mode=1&DocId=6256858&File=24#1) Isn't Koodo obligated to unlock my phone free of charge?

3 replies

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Unfortunately this bill hasn't been passed yet it is on the floor at commons. Cross our fingers. Luckily koodo is cheaper than almost all other providers.
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The current rules. At the rate specified by the carrier