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How do you setup the voicemail system so it DOESN'T ask for a password each time I connect from my mobil phone?

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You need a password cuz I could call your number from my land line, hit the star key, then listen/delete or play any other naughty games. News of the World, anyone? Won't go into details, but technically any amateur hacker could spoof you from another cell phone.
Wrong Bob. I called Koodo and they set it up there. Can't be done on your own but they did it. Good try though....
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Interesting to know we can do that...
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Locate your voicemail access number and edit it to include a comma (,) which equals a Pause (two seconds in length) then enter your four digit numeric password. You can add additional pauses and numbers to bypass the menu prompts. Works with Android and should work with other devices, though not sure with iPhone. For example: 555-999-9999 pp 0000 pp 1 - the first is the voicemail access number, second are the pauses, (four seconds), third, your voicemail password, fourth, more pauses and fifth, the prompt to listen to your voicemail messages. Once the info is saved, it'll just be a matter of pressing the 1 button on your dialpad to bypass password entry, message prompts and go straight to voicemail. The downside to this is that anyone can access your phones' voicemail messages at the press of a button, if for example, the phone were lost or stolen. One way around this is to enable lock screen security with either a pattern or numeric lock code. Use at own risk.
Steve, it can be done on your own. It's actually quite simple, but I had to search this forum for half an hour before finding the correct answer.

It's not explained clearly, so I will rephrase here:
  • Log on to your Voicemail
  • Option 4 for Personal Options
  • Option 2 for Administrative Options
  • Option 1 for Password Options
  • Option 3 to Enable/Disable the Passcode Skip Function
Full voicemail menu: