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How do I transfer contacts from my telus phone to my koodo phone?

Need to transfer contacts from Samsung SCH-U430 to Koodo LG A-341.

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Import your contacts Using your Telus Samsung SCH-U430 SD card to your Koodo LG A-341
Unfortunately - no SD card in the Samsung.
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Stan Pioro wrote:

Unfortunately - no SD card in the Samsung.

There is no apps that you can use with your CDMA phone, only way to transfer your contacts is editing them manually on your Koodo phone
Just discovered that by activating Bluetooth in both phones, you can transfer all at once (by clicking all of your Contact check boxes), or individually, using the same method.
You can alos go to a koodo kiosk and they can do that . i used to have an old motorola (CDMA) phone , so the guys at koodo kiosk were able to move my contact to the new SIM