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how do I recover deleted pics??

Hi, I sent some pictures to my pc and then deleted them from my phone. The files on my pc were empty. Is there some way to recover the pictures I deleted??

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Unfortunately, no there's no way to recover your photos.
You may want to try a program called Recuva. If you haven't written too much back and forth across either internal or external memory, you ((may)) be able to recover them.
Marcel in O-Town wrote:

You may want to try a program called Recuva. If you haven't written too much back and forth acro...

I recover my iPhone photo by this. 
How to Recover Deleted Pictures from iPhone
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Agreed, you may be able to get them back. I've had to recover deleted data numerous times before and have been quite successful. I currently use iCare Data Recovery.
Thanks, I'll give that a try.
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What phone do you have? If it's an iPhone and recently synced & backup-ed thans make a restore and you'll get them back!
to recover deleted pictures from my iPhone, I got the YouTube video to help me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ykqvfL3hj0
How to recover deleted pictures from iPhone? Broken iPhone, iPhone in recovery mode status, broken iPhone screen, iPhone system crash, etc. will make your iPhone comes to iPhone data lost/deleted.
In such cases, you must be urgent to fix the issue. Now, what you need is a third-party program to help you, that is FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery.
Read the guide below to see how it works:

Thanks for the video tutorial! I hope this article works, too.
How to recover photos from iPhone
Accidentally deleted files (photos, videos) off your Android phone or tablet such as HTC M8, Samsung Galaxy S6, LG G3, Sony Xperia Z3 etc. To you, those photos and videos are more valuable than the phone itself. Well, be no worry, you can get them back.

Android photos recovery can recover deleted/formatted files from Android devices without taking out the SD card or CF card inside the Android phone or tablet. This program has a strong ability that not only can retrieve deleted photos from Galaxy s6/s7 and videos, but also can recover contacts, text messages, and other data.
When you search on Google "how to recover iPhone photos", you can get various solutions:
1) Recover deleted data using iTunes
2) Recover deleted data using iCloud

Both above solutions are common ways if you have backup, but if you don't, you can use iOS Data Recovery - a professional recovery tool for iOS devices. You can also refer to: how to restore iPhone data

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Liu Huanhuan wrote:

When you search on Google "[url=http://www.iphonedata.net/iOS-Data-Recovery/how-to-recover-iphone...

This question has been answered a long time ago, but thank for you input
[quote=Liu Huanhuan]When you search on Google "For lost picrtures from iPhone or deleted other data ,The iPhone Data Recovery program will assist you to [url=https://www.tunesbro.com/how-to-retrieve-deleted-photos-from-iphone.html]recover deleted photos on iPhone . Which help safeguard your phone, set it up for easy recovery when it gets lost, and prevent your data from falling into the wrong hands.
If fortunately, you have backed up your photographs in Google Photo/Google Drive, then you can simply open it, go to the "Trash" and choose the photos that you've backed up and tapped on the "Restore" option, which is incredibly convenient to recover deleted pictures from Android.
1.This method is only useful for the data that have been deleted within 60 days.
2.Be sure that the option "Backup &sync" in the "Settings" of Google Photo has been turned on.

Not everyone has such a good habit of backing up his or her files, mostly, phone users are not aware of the importance of backing up copies of their photos. Under this circumstance, you are supposed to use recovery software to help you out. Here [b]FORecovery Android Data Recovery would surely be the option.