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How do I open a Koodo Account so I can open a self-serve account, if I have a Koodo nano-SIM and my own unlocked but not activated phone.

  • 25 November 2014
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How do I set-up a koodo account? The back of the nano-SIM card says "To set-up your account, call Customer Service at 1-866-995-6636. The choices were 1 for existing customers, 2 for info (which played a short message then too me back to the main menu), 3 to activate a mobile phone, and 4 for questions about moving my mobile number. Not being an existing customer, having listened to the info, and not wanting to move my existing number (don't have one), I pressed 3 to activate a phone then 1 for monthly plan. The person at monthly accounts said that they can only activate my phone for $35 and then I'd have an account, but he said if I have an account I could register the phone at no cost using self-serve. We went to the website and I pointed out that to create a self-serve account I need an account number. After a long pause he said I'd have to pay him $35 or go to the nearest store. I tried calling again and pressing 0 this time. When prompted to enter my phone number I entered 0 because I don't have an active Koodo phone, but that brought me back to the option 3 where I could talk to someone about monthly or someone about prepaid. Is there some way to set up an account with the nano-SIM that I purchased and had mailed from Koodo, or do I have to wait until tomorrow when the phone arrives, drive 50 km to the nearest store (Walmart), or 200 km to the nearest Koodo store to set up an account, then possibly wait while the credit check is completed (which, depending on how in depth they go could take seconds to days)?

2 replies

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For a monthly plan/sim/account: Your options are to activate in store for free or $35 to do it over the phone. I'm not sure if Walmart will be able to activate a sim for you that you bought online. I would call them first to check. The credit check should be completed within minutes. If your sim is prepaid then you can activate your prepaid sim via phone for free
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For a monthly plan/sim/account: Your options are to activate in store for free or $35 to do it o...Thank you for the fast response Dennis. Much appreciated. There was a second small cell phone store located beside the Walmart and I called them. At first they said that I could purchase another nano-SIM from them and they could then activate my phone, but upon hearing my story of how I already have a new nano-SIM purchased from Koodo, they said to bring in that nano-SIM and any papers that came with it and they would call Koodo and see if they can activate my phone using it, so I don't need to buy a second nano-SIM and throw away the one I bought. I am going to make a suggestion to Koodo that they make clear in their website page where they sell the SIM cards that these are primarily intended for people who already have a Koodo account. If you don't have an existing account then you will have to pay $35 to get the SIM/phone combination activated, or take them to a Koodo store where you can buy the SIM for the same price, get the SIM/phone combination activated and save the $5 for shipping the nanoSIM.