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how do i know when i can get a phone upgrade? and if i get one does my plan stay the same?

i have a galaxy ace II and i want to upgrade to an iphone. ive had my phone since may or june of 2013 and was wondering if i could get an upgrade? also wondering if my plan would get more expensive/if i would have to pay a tab or something.

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Log into Self Serve and see your Tab balance. That will have to be repaid before you can redeem a new Tab.

Then, pick the phone you want. You can take up to $150 off the phone in Tab S ( the original Tab) and keep your plan. If you take a Medium Tab, it's now up to $300 off, but you need to have at least a $30 plan (new or existing, and the $29 counts too) and you'll have a $5 Tab charge until it's paid off or 24 months passes. Your Tab will reach 0 by 24 months, essentially.

Ask us for any phone suggestions.
the plan i had before was $50 + tax now im paying nearly $70 + tax because the plans have gone up and to get unlimited call i had to go with a higher plan not happy really