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how do I know how long I've had my phone

My Galaxy SII is acting up and I need to know if it is still under warranty or can I upgrade. Can't find it on self-serve.

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Hi Gary,

If you go into your self serve and click on the Koodo Tab section and you'll be able to see how many times you've paid into your tab from when you started with Koodo. So that should help determine how long you've had your phone for.

If you wanted to upgrade you're more than able to at any time, keep in mind that when you go to upgrade you're required to pay off your tab balance. You can either charge it to your next bill or pay it when you get a new phone.

Hope that helps 🙂
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Samsung warranty checker This tool shows phone's production date and shows until which date the phone has factory warranty. Note that this is FACTORY warranty and does not include any special / personal warranty. Opening the phone or altering the phone software (including unlocking by patching or by reset codes) voids warranty. Unlocking by IMEI or via correct method by cable (e.g. via Simlock Remote Server) does NOT void the warranty Enter the 10 characters of the serial number to check your phones warranty. You can find the serial number on the label inside the phone under the battery, see image for location (for example: RP4B454544A). Go to this site and enter it.. http://www.samsunguniverse.com/samtools/samwarranty/. I've never tried the site though. Here's one more http://www.ehow.com/how_6662567_check-samsung-warranty-online.html Or you could call Samsung and they'll tell you
Thanks. I eventually pushed the right number on 611 and learned it is not under warranty.