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How do I get a 3 g network upgrade like Telus has?

My older Motorola flip phone still works great, except when I'm in certain areas. I fixed the problem on my Dad's Telus phone by getting an upgrade from the Telus website. I can't seem to find the upgrade anywhere on Koodo's site. Help!

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Are you talking about upgrading your PRL??? If you're Old Motorola uses a SIM card then this isn't necessary. If it doesn't have a Sim Dial *22803 and press send. Listen to the prompts to program the phone. Unfortunatly if the phone didn't offer 3G to begin with, you can't just add it. On another note. you probably have some tab room available by now. You might want to consider an upgrade to a shiny new smartphone. The Galaxy Discover or Nexus 4 are awesome ways to get started in Android, or the Blackberry Q5 or Z10 are great options too. Koodo even has iPhones! Why not take advantage and really upgrade!
My Motorola Krzr doesn't have a sim card. And I did try the activation phone number. But my reception here where I live still isn't very good. I can use my phone if I cross the street. But that kinda sucks. I guess I will have to live with it or switch to another network. I don't have enough credits with Koodo for a new phone. So I will have to weigh my options. Are there any good deals being offered on 4g phones right now?
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Eric Joa wrote:

My Motorola Krzr doesn't have a sim card. And I did try the activation phone number. But my recep...

Are you sure you don't have enough credits for a new phone? Koodo doesn't sell the Krzr anymore and hasn't for a long time, so if you're on Koodo it's likely an old phone and old account. you may have tab credits you're not even aware of. 

Log into self serve and click my account on the top right hand side of the screen for your tab balance. You may be richer than you think

Koodo has some great deals now on Entry level smartphones like the Samsum Galaxy Discover, or the Awesome, Headache free Nokia Lumia 520. Both can be had for about 150$ or free on a tab. Time for an upgrade for sure (depending on your geographic location of course)
Well I am on a monthly plan with Koodo.We only have one Koodo outlet here in Victoria B.C.They are hard to get ahold of by phone. I'll have to go to Mayfair Mall and see what they can do for me. I will let you know how that works out. Thanks.
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You can also do all of it from Selfserve and they will ship the phone to you along with the simcard.