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how do i determine early termination fees

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When you cancel your service with Koodo, you must pay back the outstanding amount on your Tab. If your Tab balance is zero, then you can cancel your service with no extra fees (except for your last bill).
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As Chad said there is no termination fee with koodo. You pay for the phone that otherwise you would have paid for upfront when you bought it. That's all.
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expresschn wrote:

It is the payment you have to pay if you wished to terminate your contract early.. Usually you ca...

Unlocking a device does not do anything to avoid an ETF. Also ETF's are now based solely on the remaining negative tab at the time of termination plus any overage charges during your last month's use. Depending on your tab size the ETF Could never be more than 500$ plus your overages. Also you're not making any friends by dragging month old answered questions into play again. It pushes unanswered questions further down the line and has the potential for legitimate help seekers to get overlooked. I wouldn't recommend going to [removed]. All a bunch of spam artist. If you're going to spam, at least get the rest of your information correct..
I phoned Koodo before I terminated.  I was told the same.  However, when I terminate on March 10th.  My bill of March 9 still charged me whole month of March fee, which is penalty.  So don't believe them.  It's a lie.
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Xiaoli Ma wrote:

I phoned Koodo before I terminated.  I was told the same.  However, when I terminate on...

No, it's not a lie. Koodo, like all postpaid services, charge you your rate plan one month in advance.