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How do I check Gift Card balance/expiry, and why is my gift card totally useless? :|

For Christmas I got a $100 Koodo.gift Card (NOT a prepaid Visa - this is a pink Koodo Mobile.gift card, straight from the Koodo store in Hillside mall, Victoria BC). I was given this card to use towards my new phone purchase, or my monthly bill.  I have since discovered that I can't use the.gift card for the new phone, or the bill, as it's apparently only for merchandise in stores. So, I went to a store to use it to buy a case for my brand new Note 8 - [i]and I was told that because the Note 8 was an Online Only phone, the koodo stores don't even carry cases for them. What the heck?! 

Now my best bet is to just try to find someone to buy the card off me, because I apparently can't use it for anything. What a waste! 

[b]So anyway, I just want to know how I can look up the expiry & balance, so I can have proof of the $100 balance when I attempt to get rid of this. 

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Have it swiped at a Koodo store to confirm the balance.

You may also have some success at a combined Koodo / Telus outlet, if one is near, to get a case and pay with the Card.