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How do I change spending cap limit?

Can I change the spending cap limit in self-serve or do I have to call customer service to change the limit. Also, is there a service fee if I decide to make this change via customer service? Thanks!

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The spending limit is set on your account. Your account will be reviewed after 6 months. If you have a good payment history, then the spending limit will be lifted from your account.
You can read more about it here:
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To add to that, just make sure to pay your bill every month and not miss a payment for 6 months. If you miss a payment, there is a $35 reconnection fee, and your 6 months starts over again.
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Why do you think you are on a spending limit program? If I'm looking at the correct account (same email as used here) than it show no SLP. To answer your second question, yes, there are service fees for transactions via our reps, however they are mostly free online.