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how can I verify the actual charge p[r month for special on home phone

i just started a home phone with KOODO. the plan costs 20 DOLLARS a month. the advertised special price is 5 dollars a month for the first year. i do not see anything on my account showing that special price. how can I verify the actual charge p[r month?

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You should recieve a $15 credit/month along with your bill. If you dont recieve this on your first bill then you'll have to contact Koodo to look at it for you.
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Have you receive your bill yet?
You can see detailed bill information through self serve once you received it.

Note from their website:
 - For the first bill, partial charges will be pro-rated based on the $20 rate.
The $15 discount will begin to show up on the first full month of service for the next 12 months.