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How can i transfer my old koodo number, to my new koodo phone that is under a different contract?

hey, so i recently purchased a new phone under a koodo contract.. and i was really hoping to keep my same number from my old koodo phone which was under a different contract and under someone elses name.. i want to get rid of the old phone and want to pay off my tab, which is $10.. but when i got the phone they told me that i needed to phone customer service to switch my phone number after i had already bought the phone.. but when i phoned they told me it was impossible, unless i returned the phone and tried again... to me this is ridiculous. is this the ONLY way???

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So, you have a old phone/line under someone else's name.
And you bought a new phone under your name - which means you have a new number too.
Now you want to port/transfer your old number to your new phone.

Is this correct? Then it could be possible if the number is eligible to port.
Log into self serve and port your old number in.  Your old number/account(under someone else's name) will be canceled after the porting is done. Then the person have to pay remaining tab and any overage charges.
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Unless you're going from postpaid to prepaid or vise versa it it not possible to port a number from koodo to koodo. You would need to port out to a different provider, then port the number back to koodo under your new account. I believe there are VoIP services which you can use for this, but I'm not sure of the specifics.
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If you are going from Koodo Prepaid to Koodo prepaid or from Koodo postpaid to koodo postpaid, you can do the following:

If the phone is under 15 days old, just return the phone.
Then transfer ownership of your Old Koodo account from your friend to you.  Then pay off your tab and upgrade your phone and plan