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How can I talk to a rep (non-customer)

  • 27 December 2020
  • 2 replies

I am not a customer YET (just placed order and have a question). Called Koodo but it told me to put my phone number and they are gonna text or call me later.. ? but Haven’t received any msg or call and already so frustrated.. any help?

I feel like there is no way to talk to rep if I am not a koodo customer..?

2 replies

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What is your question? Maybe we can help?

Have you completed set up call back? That's the way to talk to rep with Koodo.   Other than that, this community is  helping many customers for  questions and suggestions.

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@jkim What is your order number? In case your question is related to that. And a text indeed should have been sent. It would connect you with Koodo Assist and if you need a rep, like Mayumi here said you can easily set up a callback. Rather than making you wait on hold for hours we felt this is a better more convenient way for many people to get their questions answered.  Let us know if you still need help!