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How can I find out who put spyware on my cell?

Someone has been hacking my phone and is able to read all my text messages received and sent from my I phone and I think they may have been listening to conversations when the phone is sitting not used.

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Did you actually find spyware on your phone or is this just hunch you based on what this other person might know about you?
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If you're using an iPhone, then I would suggest you immediately change your password with your Apple account. It is possible for someone else to see your iMessages if they have registered another Apple device with your Apple ID. The iMessage platform synchs conversations across all registered devices on the same account. This could explain how someone is able to read your messages. As for listening to conversations while the phone is idle -- although this is not impossible, if you suspect that your phone contains malware, do a factory reset on your phone and only install apps that you recognize. Also here, I would strongly advise you to change your password for your Apple account. It is possible to install apps on your phone from the App store from another registered device, if that feature has been enabled. Good luck!
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I would like more info. How do you know this is happening?
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If you have an Android then download COMODO ANTIVIRUS and run a scan and it will tell you if there is any spyware, malware or viruses on your device. You can also run a scan with it to see if any app is pushing ads to your phone that show up in the status bar / notification shade. Here's the link to the Playstore : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.comodo.pimsecure