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how can i download software for an lg-a341 mobile phone onto y computer

i want to to take pictures from my lg-a341 mobile phone and post them to my computer. i do not have a software installation disk how else can i install the software i need

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Google LG PC Suite and install that to your computer.
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PC Suite like Timo suggested will help you to : Synchronize your phone with your PC You can synchronize your phone with your PC but also to backup your files 1 Connect the USB cable to your phone and your PC. 2 Select the PC suite from the popup menu in your phone. And run PC Suite Program in your PC. 3 Click the “Phone Backup & Restore” in PC suite (Tools > Phone Backup & Restore), and select Backup or Restore. 4 Mark the contents you would like to back up or restore. Select the location you would like to backup information to, or restore information from. Now Select Back Up or Restore and Click OK. 5 Your information will be Backed up or Restored.