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How about Koodo points?

How about introducing points everytime one uses your phone. This can be based on your bill every month. It can be called Koodo points and people can accumulate these points and can redeem them for rewards like newer phones, pay off part of their tabs or.gifts. This will encourage more usage as well as retention to the service.

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Great idea, but do you think they will do this. I think this is so people will get on here helping people and it keeps costs down. But it would be pretty sweet if they did that.
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I agree we would like it but i'm not sure they could do it.....after all it would cost them money. And they already have the tab.
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The tab is essentially what you are describing. Every month you get 10% of your bill put on your tab. Those who sign up and choose not to take a tab start receiving a positive tab (FREE MONEY towards a new phone). Those who use the tab can eventually start gaining a positive tab too. So you're basically get rewarded for being with Koodo.