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How about a Windows Phone?

I have Windows 8 on my desktop now and I'm really liking it. Without a Windows phone in your lineup, I think you're missing out. More and more people will be looking to compare the windows software and tablets to Apple products. Adding a Windows phone to your lineup as those new Windows 8 tablets/notebooks become more popular will give people an option to stay with you, rather than switching to a carrier with the phone that works with their new operating system and/or computer hardware.

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There is Nokia Lumia 520 that runs windows 8 in Koodo Stores
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Also, if you're looking for a higher end WP8 device, they can be had on Kijiji for a decent price. Just make sure that they're unlocked. Otherwise, you can use cellunlocker.net to buy an unlock code.
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Hey Jane, I'll share your feedback with the team. In the mean time, we are carrying the Lumia 520 as mentioned Mat. It runs on Windows 8 and is available at Shops, retail and web.