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Hmmm....FIDO versus Koodo?

http://www.fido.ca/web/Fido.portal?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=devices&PhoneSKU=GS416WHT Is this Fido deal any better than the note being advertised on Koodo?

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Edit: Dennis is right (below), this is the S4 Fido is offering for $0. That changes my "yep" to "no" instantly 😛 (if it's too good to be true..............)
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Wait is that the Note 4 or the S4 on Fido? If it is the Note 4 then it seems to be a lot better priced than at Koodo. It's a free phone at the equivalent of the Koodo Tab M. The plans are similar. However I do want to note that Koodo will never make you change your plan when upgrading your phone. However, I have heard that Fido will require you to select a current plan (more expensive) in order for you to upgrade your device. I'm not too sure how true this is, but it's what I heard
Hi Dennis. Thanks. Future Shop said I had to change my plan to get S4. Koodo Rep Paul said that wasn't the case and he was great on the phone. SO on a number of cases it boils down to the "agent" or seller of the phone not knowing what they are talking about when it comes to policy or plans. Secondly....The two plans from the two different companies I asked about were very much the same including data. SO that is my concern free phone and no 5 dollar charge for carrying a tab. Still working on that one with Koodo. Koodo still the best for most everything...so far. I always recommend them to others just starting out or looking to move from another provider. But the free s4 at Fido with no 5 dollar tab charge has/had me asking questions. Especially on Thursday and Black Friday. Thanks again