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High Data Usage Incorrect

  • 18 December 2021
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The day after my usage period turned over (december 10), i got a text saying I had used 50% of my data (ie. 2gb of my 4gb). This seemed wrong so i checked my data usage tab in self serve and it said at 10:58 am i used 1900 mb of data while connected to wifi and wifi data support off. i have tried to reach out to koodo with no response and apple who was not able to help (which i expected but was worth a shot!). has anyone had a similar experience that was resolved? i’m really angry about this and the lack of assistance from koodo! 

6 replies

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Is this at 1058 in how short a time period? It definitely shouldn't have happened with WiFi assist off. How have you tried reaching out to Koodo? I'll flag a Rep to assist in the meanwhile.

Just out of curiosity, how much are you paying for the 4gb?

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Hi @berit 


Did you have the chance to check the apps usage for the most recent data usage?

Was there any software update that day? 

 It looks like there was some low data usage before and after the 1900Mb usage.

I had the same problem. I used to have a 4.5 G plan with Public and was more than enough for me as always hook on wifi. 10 days after a Samsung phone and 12 G contract with KOODO, got a text that you have already used 50% of your data .Checking my usage noticed even numbers of 100, 200, 300 M in my data usage. some of those were even at the midnight while I was at home!! talking to the customer service and just bullshits answers. one the technical guys gave me an example that “ Koodo is like a gas provider and your phone is like a car which is consuming too much gas!!! “ ( bastard)…..

finally i solve it myself.  there is a Koodo shortcut, you can not delete it!! disable it or even if you can reset factory your phone . I did disable and my usage back to normal 40- 120 M daily.

please do it and share the result.

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Did it show up in your data usage stats as chewing up data? I've never had that app on any phone from Koodo give me any trouble.

No.  Nothing was shown in my data usage report related to that shortcut. 

But the point was that the Koodo shortcut seemed to be just a URL shortcut to the its website, but actually it was not.  Because the URL Shortcuts can be deleted, but it behaved like an application as it just had " disable" option. I had plane to reset factory my phone, but after disabling it, all my crazy usages disappeared. 

Even it has not Uninstall option