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Hi! I got my phone November, last year but now I wanna switch to iPhone or Samsung. What should I do?

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Log into Self Serve and see your negative Tab balance, if any. That needs to be repaid in order for you to upgrade. This can be done there or have it invoiced to you at the kiosk. Then you start fresh with a new phone/Tab. You can go with Tab S and keep any plan. You can use Tab M and keep a plan as long as it's $30 or higher ($29 counts too) + $5 for Tab charge. Don't bother with Tab L, the plans are bad. You may as well go over to Telus for high subsidy since they also carry higher end phones. As for phone suggestions, Koodo has a pretty varied line up of good entry to mid-level devices for $0 at both Tab S and Tab M levels, consisting of the Moto G, Desire 601, Nexus 4 (not on website but still available, just call ahead), and S III for Android. The iPhone 4S 8GB is also a decent option, free on Tab M. The S4 is overpriced, as is the iPhone 5S.
Thanks! 🙂