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Hey does Koodo have any budget for community support?

It would be "Kool" if Koodo can offer some small sum support to the local communities. It would be done even by area or store level. For example, local charities, education scholarship, or relief fundraising.

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Koodo does give money for charity at certain times. Here's an example http://whatsnew.koodomobile.com/2012/12/koodonation-online-throwdown/ and there's other times they have as well.
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For more information on Koodonation you can check out this handy site. http://koodo.sparked.com/content/learnkoodo
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Hey Jack, As mentioned by Paul and Curtules, we run a microvolunteering platform that supports local charities. It’s called Koodonation and it allows Canadians to volunteer their time and help local charities from their own computers. Visit www.Koodonation.com, sign-up and use your skills to answer one of the many challenges posted by our Canadian charities. 🙂 ~Sumaya
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Sumaya, I believe Jack was looking for sponsorship from Koodo, not volunteers. Jack, you can send your request for sponsorship to: pr@koodomobile.com -source: https://www.facebook.com/Koodo/posts/10151808028668102