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Help with new sign up and porting my number

  • 31 August 2020
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Hi there. 


I have one of my kids with koodoo prepaid. Today I ordered a SIM card on the $50 plan so my child has data on the device.  It asked if i wanted a new number or port one over. I said I wanted to keep the same number. Does that happen AFTER I get the sim card in the mail? 

I don’t recall putting her number in anywhere. I used MY cell number from another provider for billing purposes I thought but now I’m worried I messed up somehow. Where  or how do I make sure its for the right number ???





2 replies

sorry i should have said I now ordered the sim card on the $50 regular monthly plan

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Once you received your new SIM card, you can set up self serve too. ( You should receive instruction email when they ship you a SIM card.)  Then you can port/ transfer number from your kid's prepaid account.  You need active account to port, so I would recommend to do it few days before prepaid account expired.