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HELP!!! I just want to talk to realerson 1 to 1

husband broke his phone and does not have enough in tab to get another. I was told you could reset tab so he can get one. how do I do this

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Hi there... Give Koodo a Call by dialing 1-866-995-6636, expose your case to a representative and most likely they will be able to help you out a little bit to have another phone... There is not such a thing as reset the TAB to get another phone because the customer broke the phone, Koodo will try to do the best to accommodate the clients, but unfortunately physical or water damage is not covered by the warranty... You may consider TAB M, that will allow you to have up to 300$ to buy another phone, all depending on the amount of your existing TAB...
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Just an FYI. That tab cannot be adjusted just because the phone is physically broken and finances will not allow a purchase of a new one. The tab is only adjusted after an assessment based on the credit history on the account ranging from bill credits to previous tab adjustments as well as how long the account was open with Koodo. More often than not, a fair credit can be given under the circumstances. This adjustment is not a guarantee but there is a good chance it can be done. I hope it all works out to your favor, Bhaven. 🙂